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My programs are available over the phone or via video chat for distance clients. You can get the help you need from anywhere in the U.S. Lab test kits can be sent to you and processed locally. All of your herbs, supplements and medicines will be mailed directly to you. The program price will be custom quoted based on your condition and needs.

01: Assessment

  • Complete assessment of your body systems and energetics
  • Customized lab tests
  • Dental work assessment
  • Your customized program is designed based on your results and will include diet and lifestyle recommendations.

02: Cleansing

  • Cleanse the blood and filtering organs
  • Remove heavy metals, pesticides etc.
  • Detox bio-film and eradicate pathogens
  • Correct Electro-magnetic field pollution (EMF)
  • Correct Dental Foci (localized dental infection that leads to systemic disease)

03: Re-education

  • Balance neurotransmitters
  • Balance hormones
  • Balance adrenals
  • Repair Hepatic Glutathione Pathway
  • Repair HPA Axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal feedback loop)
  • Balance & Release emotions
  • Balance mind-body meridians

Custom Wellness Transformation Program

This plan is fully customized per client and executed over several months or more, depending on your condition. The plan includes:

Office Visits, Exams & Lab Work

Nutritional Supplements

Homeopathic Formulas

Herbal Medicine

Frequency Therapy

Emotional Remedies

Diet & Lifestyle Plan

Food Sensitivity Testing

Financing available for this program via Care Credit.

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* The $99.00 two hour session is available for both new and returning clients.