In Person or Virtual Wellness Concierge Program

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Option A: Month to Month Plans - $200 per month. Price includes sessions only. All lab work, bio-feedback scanning and herbs are additional and as needed.


Option B: 6 Month Customized Wellness Concierge Program - $2,500 (payment plans available) True healing takes time, especially when dealing with the endocrine system. This program includes:

01: Assessment

  • Complete assessment of your body systems and energetics
  • Customized lab tests
  • Dental work assessment
  • Your customized program is designed based on your results and will include diet and lifestyle recommendations.

02: Cleansing

  • Cleanse the blood and filtering organs
  • Remove heavy metals, pesticides etc.
  • Detox bio-film and eradicate pathogens
  • Correct Electro-magnetic field pollution (EMF)
  • Correct Dental Foci (localized dental infection that leads to systemic disease)

03: Re-education

  • Balance neurotransmitters
  • Balance hormones
  • Balance adrenals
  • Repair Hepatic Glutathione Pathway
  • Repair HPA Axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal feedback loop)
  • Balance & Release emotions
  • Balance mind-body meridians
  6 Month Wellness Concierge Program
Saliva Hormone Test & any necessary basic blood labs On month one & follow up labs on month five *Virtual clients will be sent to a local lab in your area.
On boarding Appointment (30 minutes) To get labs ordered
Discovery Appointment (2 hours) To review labs, symptoms, medical history, diet & lifestyle and design a customized plan to get you to your wellness goals.
Bio-Feedback Energetic Scan Analyzes toxic burden, pathogens, organs, gut health, hormones, hydration and stress using the bodies energetic field and meridian system. *Virtual clients will be send a hand cradle device that is easily plugged into your computer via USB and can remotely login to the assessment software.
Bio-Feedback Food Sensitivity Scan View potential sensitivities to over 500 foods, spices, teas, additives, preservatives and coloring. *Virtual clients will be send a hand cradle device that is easily plugged into your computer via USB and can remotely login to the assessment software.
Once monthly follow up appointments One hour monthly for the consecutive 5 months. In person, via video chat or phone
Access to client portal To utilize chat communication between appointments; access to daily food and mood diary

**** NOT included are your monthly remedies/supplements. These may include herbal supplements, nutraceuticals and homeopathic remedies. A healthy budget when considering this is recommended to be $300-$500+ per month and I do my best to work with your budget.****

Upon completion of the 6 month program, you may move to a monthly or 60-90 day follow up plan depending on your progress.

Follow up appointments are priced at $130

Office Visits, Exams & Lab Work

Nutritional Supplements

Homeopathic Formulas

Herbal Medicine

Frequency Therapy

Emotional Remedies

Diet & Lifestyle Plan

Food Sensitivity Testing