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My specialty is Neuro-endocrine and cardiovascular naturopathy and this covers a wide range of health issues. I most often put together customized programs in the following categories:

  • Natural hormone rejuvenation for men and women which covers both pre and post menopausal women. This is an alternative to conventional and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
  • Cardiovascular disease with an emphasis on lowering cholesterol and inflammatory markers including C-reactive protein and Homocysteine levels
  • Inflammatory skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. 
  • Weight loss programs using homeopathic HGH and HCG
  • Thyroid and Endocrine disorders including hypothyroid (low thyroid) and adrenal fatigue. 

This will vary from person to person but I have seen clients feel better in as little as several days on their program. The reason I utilize such extensive lab testing is so that we don’t play “guessing games” and get you on the right protocol - right away. Even so, healing the body takes time and is a process. Please be ready to be committed to the process and time that is involved. There is a minimum of 3 months recommended for each case.

Prescription drugs are man-made "dead" medicine - they hold no organic life or bio-compatible energy signature. They cause a chemical change in your body that suppresses your symptoms but does not heal the root imbalance or issue. Medicinal plants are living gifts from nature. Their life force works naturally with your body to help your body actually repair the damage - this is true healing. Our bodies are capable of healing themselves if they are given the right nutrients, tools and are not over-bombarded with toxins. This is the naturopathic approach, to look at the body as a whole and to bring the entire system back into balance, therefore eliminating the symptoms.

Hormone replacement therapy - though marketed as “bio-identical” is closer to “similar” at best. It is the naturopathic philosophy that no lab or man made substance will ever truly be the same as what your body makes on its own. When it comes to medicine and especially hormones, if you are giving your body something that it is supposed to produce on its own, then your body will stop trying to produce it. If you work with me, we will first have to detox these unnatural hormones from your body, therefore being on hormone replacement is contraindicated during this process. When you are done with my program, you will see that you do not need to give your body any hormones - because your body will have re-learned how to produce the proper level needed on it’s own via homeopathy.

The program addresses TOTAL BODY hormone rejuvenation. So even if you are missing your ovaries or reproductive system parts, we are still resetting all of the other chemical messengers in your body, repairing the HPA Axis and Hepatic Glutathione Pathway; therefore the program will still work and be extremely beneficial to you.

If you are going through or have gone through menopause and are experiencing unpleasant symptoms this program will be very beneficial. We will be restoring your bodies hormones to what they SHOULD be doing when you have reached menopause - which means that although you will not be producing as many sex hormones, you will have balanced levels of post-menoausal hormones naturally without the uncomfortable side effects like hot flashes and fatigue. It is actually an imbalance in your HPA Axis that causes your menopausal symptoms. Your HPA (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal access) is responsible for body temperature and energy levels. Therefore menopausal women, from a naturopathic standpoint are actually experiencing symptoms of HPA Axis dysfunction (specifically in the Hypothalamus) that causes these symptoms and not the act of menopause itself.

No, you will simply login to my online portal so all you need is access to the internet and a computer with a camera. However, if you prefer to just do a phone consultation that is absolutely fine and much easier if you're are not as tech savvy.

Caffeine will disable homeopathic remedies from working properly. You will need to ween off of caffeine and then detox your body of caffeine as a part of my program if it is something that you are currently addicted to (consuming on a daily basis). Additionally, you will need to stay off of the foods that come up on your tests as an intolerance. Bio-Identical hormones and hormone therapies need to be stopped while undergoing this process - and will additionally need to be detoxed from your body. Rx drugs may cause serious side effects. I am not responsible for any negative side effects, ineffectiveness or drug reactions that might occur. You will need to speak to your doctor about the potential dangers and side effects of Rx drugs.

Absolutely! I have worked with many toddlers, young children and teens. I am also happy to see infants and toddlers on a case by case basis. Please contact me to discuss if we are a good match for any ailment that your child is experiencing.