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PCOS is a syndrome, not a disease; because it is diagnosed by identifying a specific collection of symptoms and ruling out other potential causes. It is a systemic, whole-body disorder that affects metabolism, the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the gut, the mind, and truly the entire body. At it's core it is a rhythm problem, meaning the hormones don't rise and fall properly within a 24 hour day or cycle properly with each month. This condition is caused by a simple hormone irregularity that cascades into an incredibly complex condition.

Unfortunately, using pharmaceuticals like birth control will only mask symptoms rather than addressing the root causes, leaving this process unchecked in the body to continue to grow more and more out of balance and progress as time goes on. PCOS can express with many symptoms including abnormal periods, painful periods, clotting, abdominal pain, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, weight gain and stubborn belly fat, anxiety, sleep disorders, infertility, heart disease, acne, facial hair, alopecia, miscarriage, obesity, skin tags, gingivitis, IBS. If gone unchecked, PCOS can lead to Autoimmune disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatty liver disease, mood disorders and pregnancy complications.

It is important to work with a practitioner who properly knows how to recognize the hormone profile and symptoms. In order to have the most accurate data on your body, you should be working with a practitioner that uses a hormone saliva test or DUTCH test (dried urine) and NOT blood. You should also have an ultrasound done of the ovaries; which may show cysts. These cysts are actually developed follicles and evidence of a broken ovulation process.

When working on healing PCOS naturally there are 3 goals:
1) Reduce Inflammation
2) Normalize hormones and rhythms
3) Increase Insulin Sensitivity

Inflammation and PCOS:
The body treats chronic conditions like PCOS as chronic injuries which means chronic inflammation. Instead of your body healing, the inflammation makes you sick. It causes diabetes, heart disease, weight gain and cancer.

Hormonal rhythms & balance:
Hormones are chemical messengers that tell your body what to do and when to do it. In PCOS, your hormones don't cycle up and down properly within a 24 hour day; this causes anxiety, sleep disorders, infertility and weight gain. 

Insulin sensitivity:
Insulin sensitivity is your bodies ability to see and respond to insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar. PCOS makes you insulin resistant which means your body can't react to insulin and your blood sugar fluctuates more than it should. This is the same condition that leads to diabetes *type 2. Additionally, insulin resistance causes inflammation and heart disease. It raises your testosterone levels, which causes acne. It also keeps your body in fat storage mode so you perpetually gain weight and never burn it. 

Please be sure and follow the dosages on this protocol - not on the bottle - as the dosage is elevated for this condition. It is suggested that you print this protocol and follow it for 90 days, then re-test.

*It is recommended to do the Hormone Rejuvenation Program for Cycling Women (available at the DMD Natural Medicine Protocol Store) while you are running this PCOS protocol. That kit will work on balancing hormones homeopathically as well as cleansing the body.
*This FullScript protocol and the information provided here is based on Dr. Felice Gersh, M.D. and author of PCOS SOS - a wonderful book that is a recommended reading for any women with PCOS. It can be purchased on Amazon.

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