Mold and Mycotoxin Toxicity Program - 90 Days
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This kit will work on healing fungal infections caused by mold and mycotoxin exposure. The kit includes a full gut restoration program, supplements to address inflammation in the body and anti-fungal support. This is a combination of herbs, tea and nutritional supplements. You should re-test for molds in your body after 90 days on this protocol. Due to the variable amounts of supplements from each provider, some products will fall slightly short of 90 days and others will exceed 90 days. Take everything until it is empty. Cost includes tax and shipping. 

  1. Ordering this program will create a FullScript account so you will have full access to the protocol, dosage instructions and can place your order directly with FullScript; you will also be able to re-order any products directly should you need additional time on this protocol. 
  2. Be sure to LOGIN (create an account) and VIEW your protocol instructions they are all inside your FullScript protocol. The dosages are custom designed and will be different than the dosage instructions on some of the bottles and packages. 
  3. If you have questions about this protocol, you will need to make an virtual appointment with DMD Natural Medicine. Due to legalities we are not able to answer ANY protocol questions or engage in giving out wellness advice over the phone or via e-mail. Anyone with questions will need to become a client, have a paid virtual appointment, sign our waivers and fill out full wellness questionaries with a full medical history before we can engage in ANY discussions.
  4. FDA Disclaimer. These protocol kits are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These kits do not replace getting medical advice from a licensed doctor. The products in these kits are not FDA approved, though some of them are FDA registered.