South Denver In Person Wellness Restoration Programs

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For first time wellness clients who are ready to make the commitment to better health, naturally. The initial session includes a Full Body Bio-Feedback Scan (assessing the gut, pathogens, hormones, sleep, hydration, toxic stress, emotions and your biological coherence to herbal supplements.) We will also determine if lab work is needed in any areas. Once all labs are back, a full Wellness Plan will be custom designed to your case. 

Monthly Follow Up Appointments - $99

Objective: Full wellness evaluation to identify probable root causes of symptoms and disease.
Discovery evaluation Includes:

  • Hormone & Cortisol Lab Test (saliva) a full hormone profile including Estrogens, Testosterone, Progesterone, 17-OHP, DHEA, Melatonin, Andrestenodione and 4 time-stammped cortisol level samples measuring stress indicated in the Liver, Adrenals, Heart, Stomach, Pancreas and Thyroid  
  • Micro-biome Lab Test (stool) analyzing pathogenic load including parasites, bacteria, candida, and viral burden along with probiotic bacteria.
  • Heavy Metal Test (urine) analyzing heavy metal burden (list) and radiation
  • Food Sensitivity Scan: Scans for 500 foods, spices, dyes and chemical food additives
  • Full Body Bio-Feedback Scan: Assesses Hydration, toxic burden, EMF’s, organs, glands, sleep, inflammation and personal bio-compatability to particular herbal and nutritional supplements.
  • Manual muscle testing (applied kinesiology) of meridian points linked to organs/glands & bio-compatability of current supplements you’re taking at home 
  • Dental assessment: Exploration of potential infections in the mouth from a root canal or cavitation draining pathogens into the body. 
  • Initial consultation: 2.5 hour appointment to review labs, diet and lifestyle, medical history, symptoms, design of wellness program

6 Month Program Includes: A custom designed lifestyle plan to address root causes and symptom resolution. My 6 month program will take you through detoxification, repair and re-education on a cellular level:

  • Monthly in-office or virtual appointments
  • Herbal & nutritional supplements
  • Homeopathic medicines
  • Diet and meal plan 
  • Supplement organizer and printed protocols 
  • Referrals to complimentary practitioners such as holistic dentistry, colon hydrotherapist, IV therapist, acupuncturist and/or chiropractic as necessary.
  • Virtual portal to manage appointments, view protocols and complete food & mood journals

Monthly Follow Up Appointments - $99



Appropriate for Acne, Rosacea, *Eczema & Peri-Oral Dermatitis 

Program includes: 

  • Food sensitivity scan on initial appointment
  • Diet and meal plan
  • Lite Gut Restoration Program
  • Skin & Full Body Detox
  • Inflammation balancers for the skin (Herbal Supplements)

$200 Initial Discovery Appointment (Includes one scan)
$49/month + cost of supplements

Urgent Care Clinical Visits - $49

Appropriate fro NON-EMERGENCY care such as infections or discomfort. 

360 Genesis Wellness Program program can truly change your health and restore youth. If you are READY to take back your health, please schedule a 15 minute phone consultation and an initial intake form will be automatically emailed to you. This program will be custom tailored around your symptomology and test results, taking you through the following processes:

01: Assessment

  • Complete assessment of your body systems and energetics
  • Customized lab tests
  • Dental work assessment
  • Your customized program is designed based on your results and will include diet and lifestyle recommendations.

02: Cleansing

  • Cleanse the blood and filtering organs
  • Remove heavy metals, pesticides etc.
  • Detox bio-film and eradicate pathogens
  • Correct Electro-magnetic field pollution (EMF)
  • Correct Dental Foci (localized dental infection that leads to systemic disease)

03: Re-education

  • Balance neurotransmitters
  • Balance hormones
  • Balance adrenals
  • Repair Hepatic Glutathione Pathway
  • Repair HPA Axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal feedback loop)
  • Balance & Release emotions
  • Balance mind-body meridians

Custom Wellness Transformation Program

This plan is fully customized per client and executed over several months or more, depending on your condition. The plan includes:

Office Visits, Exams & Lab Work

Nutritional Supplements

Homeopathic Formulas

Herbal Medicine

Frequency Therapy

Emotional Remedies

Diet & Lifestyle Plan

Food Sensitivity Testing