Folliculitis of the scalp

What is the root cause and how to clear your scalp using natural medicine.

By Diana Drake - April 12, 2022

What is the root cause of folliculitis? According to ancient Chinese medicine principles, the scalp is vectored to the kidney system. Therefore, the root cause of folliculitis can be a congested kidney system. Typically when people hear this, the first thing they want to do is have their kidneys checked with a blood or urine panel at their doctor. Depending on the situation, the kidney may or may not show up as distressed on lab reports. This is because an organ typically needs to be at 70-80% dysfunctioning before it ranks out of range on a lab report. In natural medicine we view the symptom of folliculitis as kidney distress and congestion rather than kidney dysfunction that needs to be lab tested. Alternatively, even if a kidney panel did come up out of range - that lab test, unfortunately, does not give us any idea as to the root cause. 


When clearing folliculitis naturally, several things need to be addressed. First, identifying what is affecting the kidneys - this is done using a biofeedback device to analyze potential toxic build up in the body. The device uses an electronic hand cradle that hooks up to a computer and assessment software. Toxicity, bacterial and/or fungal infection may be  at work here and these things need to be fully understood to create the proper plan of action. Next, a customized cleanse protocol is designed to clean out the kidneys, the blood and lymphatic channels (as these provide vital new blood and lymph to the scalp). Additionally, the microbiome will need to be addressed since the digestive system feeds into the kidney system. Topical remedies will also be used to address the site of folliculitis on the scalp. We do not use antibiotic or steroid creams, as you may well know these don't work nor do they support proper skin healing. 


During this process, it is imperative that certain dietary and lifestyle changes are made. This custom protocol will be designed for you while working with DMD Natural Medicine and virtual appointments are available. For virtual appointments, we send you the Biofeedback hand cradle and you simply plug it into your PC and connect to our software remotely. We ask for 90 days to begin to see a slight change and 6 months or more to fully clear folliculitis of the scalp. Of course, timing for healing will be heavily dependent on how complient you are with the protocol at home. If you are reading this you may be frustrated after having gone to multiple doctors or dermatologist appointments with no change. Typically, doctors will recommend antibiotics and antifungal medications with topical antibiotics and steroids. Since these things do not address the root cause, you may be looking to better understand the underlying conditions for folliculitis and seek to truly heal your scalp. 

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