Balancing Estrogen-Dominance Naturally

Naturopathic Practitioner for Estrogen dominance - Virtual appointments available

By Diana Drake - April 12, 2022


Estrogen dominance can be frustrating and hard to balance. This is typically dealt with using hormone replacement therapy from your Doctor but if you prefer to go the natural route you have some much safer options using a combination of homeopathic and herbal remedies to balance hormones naturally, as well as locate the root cause of estrogen-dominance.  


When dealing with estrogen dominance in a natural capacity, we want to address the root cause of how the estrogens got out of balance in the first place. This may be a sign that the body isn't necessarily making too much, but that it is not metabolizing it properly - causing a build up in the system that can throw other hormones out of whack. Just because estrogen is the "symptom" we want to make sure that we are dealing with overall balance of the entire endocrine system as well to make sure that everything is working and communicating properly. Rather than the use of synthetic, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, we use natural remedies to heal the body instead since inputting hormones does not address the root cause. 


Our process for healing estrogen dominance: 

Step One: Ordering a Saliva Hormone Test or DUTCH Test (urine) hormone test (we don't use blood as this is the most inaccurate of all the test types)

Step Two: Bio-Feedback analysis of the body to help determine the potential root causes

Step Three: Custom hormone rejuvenation program is designed using homeopathy and herbs. There are no negative side effects to using these therapies.

Step Four: Re-test in 4 months


Natural hormone rejuvenation for estrogen dominance takes time. We recommend a minimum of 6 months of in-office care to begin to see progress with estrogen dominance in men and women. Virtual appointments available.

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