What is causing your itchy skin with hives?

Get tot the root cause of red and itching skin with hives.

By Diana Drake - April 12, 2022

Do you have red and itchy skin with hives? Are you looking for a natural solution that looks at the root cause? An overburdened immune system is often at the root of this combination of frustrating skin reactions. So what could potentially be overburdening your immune system? How can it be identified and what can be done to resolve it? First, let's take a look at potential causes of rash, redness and hives:


Toxicity: A buildup of toxins in your cells from overexposure that enters via food, water, vaccines, drugs and polluted air. These toxins may include: 

  • Heavy Metals

  • Pesticides & Herbicides

  • Glyphosate

  • Fluoride and chlorine (in water, these damage your microbiome, thyroid and pineal gland)

  • Preservatives

  • GMO Foods

  • EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields)

  • Chem-trails

  • Petroleum products

  • Chemical surfactants (household cleaners & laundry soaps)

  • Molds and mycotoxins

When your body becomes overwhelmed with toxins, your elimination organs become overwhelmed and your body attempts to purge these toxins via your skin, causing a histamine response or eczema.


The first step to healing the skin is identifying your particular root cause. We then make sure to eliminate further exposure, detox the toxins from the body and deal with the symptoms on the skin with cooling and antihistamine herbs and homeopathic remedies for hives and itching skin. Remember, healing hives and itching skin takes time! We recommend 6 months to begin to see a significant change. 

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