Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation for Cycling women, Menopausal women and men of all ages.

Alternatives to Hormone Injections, Hormone Pellets and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

By Diana Drake - February 15, 2022

Hormone imbalances are more prevalent than ever especially in young cycling women and men of all ages. Even women coming into menopause are experiencing more complications during this transition than ever before. There are a handful of readily available options provided by western medicine and marketed as "Bio-Identical" hormones. The reality is, these hormones are made in a lab - not by the body - and are therefore not bio-identical or native. They also carry some hefty negative side effects.


What are the negative side effects of hormone replacement therapy / bio-identical hormones / hormone pellets & hormone injections?

  • An increased chance of breast cancer

  • Tender breasts

  • Breast lumps (In men)

  • Digestive issues

  • Hair loss

  • Joint pain

  • Memory lapse

  • Mood swings

  • Water retention

  • Weight gain

  • Nausea 

  • Headaches 

  • Double vision 

  • Shortness of breath

  • Chest pains

  • Swelling or painful legs

  • Jaundice

  • Depression

  • Skin Irritation

  • Discolored stool or urine 

What are the natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy / bio-identical hormones / hormone pellets & hormone injections?


Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation! Now this is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what you know about hormone balancing so listen up...


1) We DO NOT REPLACE, we REJUVENATE. Instead of just putting - for example - testosterone or progesterone into the body we actually heal the bodies ability to make hormones properly on it's own. When your body isn't making enough of one or two hormones, this is a result of a broken communication chain in your endocrine system. To balance the body, we have to look at the entire system as a whole and not just focus on the one symptom - or the individual hormone(s) that are off. 


2) We do not repopulate, we repair! It's difficult for people to grasp this concept but flooding the body with it's missing hormones only creates more confusion and does not address the root cause of the wrench in the system. It also atrophies your bodies ability to properly make it’s own hormones. Homeopathic hormone rejuvenation is a wholistic system, that includes the frequencies of your entire endocrine system. It is an energetic medicine kit that is balancing and repairing on a cellular level, without any negative side effects. I'll say that again - there are NO NEGATIVE or DANGEROUS side effects when you use homeopathic remedies. And because the kit is balancing, you can use it on any hormonal situation regardless of your specific hormone profile. 


What exactly is in the homeopathic system / kit?


The system includes a set of creams and sublingual tinctures (drops). Remember, these ARE NOT traditional hormone creams and are not used in the same capacity. These homeopathic formulas DO NOT contain any active hormones! Regular hormone creams typically have one specific active hormone in any given formula and need to be properly dosed out while monitoring the hormone levels in your body constantly. Homeopathic formulas, on the other hand, are frequency and energetic remedies that work with the body on a cellular level. Because of the balancing nature of this system, it is safe to be taken by anyone regardless of your particular hormone profile. They do not carry the danger of driving levels too high or creating negative side effects. 


Is a hormone test necessary first?

Hormone testing is always available (via an at home saliva test kit) but not always required. On women who are approaching menopause I typically offer the test as optional. Due to the balancing nature of the system, and already knowing that menopausal women will be low on sex hormones, it is perfectly acceptable to just give this kit to older women. Again, the test is always availalble to menopausal women if they choose. On younger women however, I do require a hormone test. We will also run a Bio-Frequency Scan to identify potential root causes for the endocrine imbalance. Remember, my goal is to find the root cause and remove any healing blocks while we are re-educating the endocrine system. The root cause coming into menopause is a natural change that the body is meant to embark on - even if it is earlier than expected. However on younger women we need to do a little more investigation in order for proper healing to occur. 


What are the root causes of hormone imbalance in cycling women?

In order of what I see in my practice here are the top things that throw off the endocrine system. This is why it is important to locate the root cause!

  1. Endocrine disruptors: These come into the body by way of food, water, cosmetics, pollution, vaccines, bad dental work, prescription drugs and toxic products that we use in our homes and in the environment. 

    • Food sources would include things like pesticides and insecticides that are sprayed on the farm.

    • Water contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals like lead and aluminum and many many more.

    • Cosmetics are loaded with chemicals. This is why it is best to use organic products. This includes ALL make up, face wash, and skincare products. Many are made with petroleum (from oil) which is a huge no-no on and inside the body. 

    • Air pollution carries many offensive toxins, carbon dioxide, gas fumes from cars and planes and, of course, chem trailing with various heavy metals.

    • Vaccines no longer contain mercury, but now have aluminum instead. Still a heavy metal and major endocrine disruptor.

    • Prescription drugs are petroleum-based products. They can over time overburden the liver - which is our processing plant for hormones. 

    • Household cleaning products and laundry detergent that are not naturally derived, plant based and organic are highly toxic. They are not real "soap" they are chemical surfactants and other highly toxic substances. This is why kids die from ingesting household products. They are literally poison. 

    • Also, personal care products like deoderant are full of metals and toxins, and toothpaste is another huge offender with fluoride and other chemicals.

    • Dental work: If you have not worked with a holistic dentist and you have metal in your mouth from a filling, to a fake tooth post - these metals can spread in the body and need to be identified. 

  2.  Stress. Although the adrenals are not "sex glands" they are a crucial part of communication in the endocrine system. Remember the system is a chain, if something goes down it can cause a symptom to express somewhere else in the chain. Typically I see a combination of adrenal fatigue combined with other factors.

  3. Chronic infections. These bog down the immune system and over time can absolutely affect proper hormone balance and communication. They especially exhaust the adrenals which is a huge factor as mentioned above. Types of infections that I most often see:

    • Fungal / mold / mycotoxin toxicity

    • Low grade chronic viral infection such as Epstein Barr, Strep, Staph or unknown from getting sick a lot as a child.

    • Bacterial overburden, which can be present in the gut, lymph, blood etc. 

All of these reasons are why it is important to work with a practitioner that is versed in finding YOUR root cause, if truly healing the body is something that is important to you. Unfortunately when you go to a "traditional" hormone clinic to get creams or pellets, they do not typically do this type of investigation of the root cause. Nor do they heal or balance at the root cause. Their goal is only to replace what the body is lacking so that you feel better, at least for a time. 


So what exactly is an endocrine disruptor and how can it throw off the glandular / hormone system?


An endocrine disruptor looks ALMOST like a hormone in the body. Think of hormones as keys that unlock a communication site (receptor) in the cells of your glandular system. The cell receptor feels an endocrine disruptor and thinks it's the right key (a hormone) so it opens up and lets it in - but the key doesn't fit QUITE right. So now that cell is unable to have communication because the wrong key is plugging up where a healthy hormone should be instead. Remember hormones are just little communication messengers. 


We have many more than just our female and male parts making hormones. We have a whole glandular system that works together in beautifully synced communication to control temperature, sleep, ovulation, sperm, immune cells, trash removal, metabolism, energy, fight or flight and so much more! All in all our glandular system includes:


Ovaries & Mammary Glands on women

Testes and prostate on men

The Thyroid gland

Lymph glands

Saliva glands



Hypothalamus & Pituitary....


So you see there are SO MANY working parts to this system! Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation addresses/balances sex hormones and their related commuication pathways. In this sense we are truly healing the body on a cellular level.


How long does it take to work?


Because we are actually healing the body, understand that this process takes a little more time to work than with traditional hormone replacement therapy. We want a full 90 days on the system before we re-test hormone levels if we are tracking this and a minimum of 6 months on the kit altogether. Depending on your age and root cause, herbal formulas may also be brought in to target specific ailments to your condition, making this a truly customized experience for your body. You will also be responsible for other diet and lifestyle recommendations at home that will help the body to heal. The biggest ones will be eliminating the use of caffeine and cleaning up your water supply. Everybody is different and how your body works, how long it takes etc. is only up to your body. If you are currently using caffeine on a daily basis and are reliant on it for energy, please wait until we meet in person because there will be a specific protocol to ween off and there are supplements that will help you during this process so that your energy is not depleted. 


If this information sounds exciting for you and feels aligned with your beliefs in healing the body then please reach out for an initial visit!

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