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Rejuvenate your hormones - for men and women of any age.

By Diana Drake - November 16, 2021

Are you looking for an alternative to Bio-Identical Hormones and HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)? Have you tried hormone injections, hormone pellets, creams or patches and are experiencing negative side effects or are no longer feeling as well as you did when you first began them?

Here at DMD Natural Medicine we offer Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation Programs for Men and Women of all ages. Unlike traditional hormone clinics that "replace" hormones that are lower in the body (due to age or toxicity) here we use homeopathic remedies and frequency therapy to naturally address imbalances in the endocrine system. These remedies actually correct the communication pathways and synapses in the endocrine system, allowing for proper chemical communication (hormone production and activity.) Wheather you are looking to address low testosterone, low progesterone, estrogen dominance, elevated cortisol, P.C.O.S. (elevated understanding) or are going through menopause, we offer the best truly natural and holistic approach over any other hormone clinic in Colorado. We are also happy to service distance clients via telephone and virtual appointments. Talk to us ASAP by booking an absolutely free 15 Minute Phone Consultation to discuss your hormone therapy case. 


What are the costs of homeopathic hormone rejuvenation?
The program averages $299/month for the first 3 months and drops down to $150/month thereafter. Keeping in mind that our programs are customized to your specific needs which may cause a change in the base price. 

Are there any contraindications for taking homeopathic medicine?
Yes, caffeine must be stopped to properly implement a successful homeopathic regimen. HOWEVER, we have a supplement program to follow while you are detoxing from caffeine that will give your body energy and support the adrenals during this process so you will not have headaches or be sluggish. Being that caffeine is an addictive drug, there is a multitude of benefits from being off of it but one of the most rewarding things about it is feeling naturally energetic without having to drink coffee or tea in the morning. 

What if I don't want to stop caffeine? Can you still help me with my hormones?
Yes. We have other natural programs available that do not involve homeopathic medicine, we can discuss these options with you and all will depend on the severity of your particular situation. If you have additional symptoms including having trouble sleeping, stress, anxiety, cardiovascular issues or fatigue, then coming off of caffeine will be a very important step towards getting better. 

Do you offer hormone testing?
Yes. We offer Saliva Hormone & Cortisol Testing. This is a $350 at home saliva test kit that you will take home and provide the lab with 5 saliva samples over a 12 hour period. This is how we get the most accurate hormone and cortisol reading, these tests are incredibly more accurate than blood testing. 

Is this program good for someone approaching menopause or who suspects it is around the corner?
Yes. If you suspect that menopause is close, our Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation Program may help prevent the uncomfortable negative side affects associated with going through menopause. If you are already going through menopause or are post-menopausal, this program can help regulate your natural production of hormones. 

Does this type of hormone therapy help with sex drive and libido?
Yes. And we can also add some supplements to customize your program that can kick start your libido naturally as well. 

What if I have had a hysterectomy? Will hormone rejuvenation work for me?
Under the right circumstances, the adrenals can pick up the slack of hormone production once the ovaries are gone. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis and may require some simple adjusting to provide additional support for the adrenals. 

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