Natural Care for Vaginosis and Vaginal Yeast Infection

How to care for a vaginal infection using natural medicine

By Diana Drake - November 10, 2021

Do you suspect a vaginal infection due to itching, discharge or foul odor? Bacterial Vaganosis and Candida Vaginal Fungal Infections may be healed using a combination of homeopathic and herbal medicines. The vagina is actually a detox pathway for women, so when an infection expresses vaginally it can typically be traced to an issue in the gut. This is why some women are "prone" to get these infections over and over again, because it's not being properly treated at the root cause. When perpetually treating it ONLY vaginally with inserts or biologics like Fluconozole or antibiotics, the microbiome still continues to go unbalanced then the infection will return. This can be very frustrating for women. 

When we look at this issue in a holistic manner, several key things will be addressed:
  • Determining if it is fungal, bacterial or both. This is done using a frequency scanner, muscle testing, or if the symptoms are obviously pointing more towards one of these.
  • Reviewing the client's diet and making particular restrictive changes until the infection clears.
  • Using herbal and or homeopathic anti-histamines to address the uncomfortable itch.
  • Restoring proper balance to the micro biome using supplemental probiotics, pre-biotics, enzymes and gut restoration formulas.
  • Implementing a natural topical cream or gel if needed.
The advantage of taking the natural healing route for this condition is that once it clears we have now addressed and balanced the route cause which means the body is less likely to get stuck in a relapse cycle. Once the infection clears, it will be important to continue on the gut restoration protocol for a full 90 days to properly populate and restore gut micro flora.  

If you need help with a vaginal infection, please book an "Urgent Care" appointment via the website.This appointment can take place via phone, in person or virtually.
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