Perioral Dermititis

Unexplained rash around the nose, lips, chin and corners of the mouth.

By Diana Dannelly - June 2, 2020

Forget what you think you know and have Googled about Perioral Dermatitis. Like most inflammatory skin conditions, you may not get proper answers or successful protocols from western physicians, which is probably what brings you here. An unexplained rash around the nose, lips, chin and corners of the mouth that may be constant or "flair up" is known as "Perioral Dermatitis". It may be all or only some of the areas mentioned and is an inflammatory expression of the skin making it VERY sensitive, red, painful and sometimes itchy. It can look like a rash and sometimes has a red bumpy appearance. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine has understood the body for thousands of years - which they categorize into "Systems" (Fire, Earth, Metal/Air, Water and Wood). Each system represents certain organs, tissues, and processes in the body and how they relate to one another. Perioral Dermatitis is the result of too much heat building up in your Fire System (your heart, small intestine and blood vessels), which then affects your Metal Air System (large intestine, lung and skin). Different areas of the face are actually vectored to specific internal organs. The "Fire Organs" are represented above the Upper lip, below the lower lip on the chin and from the corners of the mouth down the chin. The "Metal / Air" zones on the face are represented on the sides of the nose and down the laugh lines to the corners of the lips. These areas can even extend up the cheek and affect right below the eye and can go as high as your forehead (both areas representing the Large Intestine, a part of the Metal/Air system). All areas affected by perioral dermatitis are represented on the face in the Fire and Metal/Air zones and therefore show an imbalance in those specific organs/systems in the body. Again, these are the heart, large and small intestine, blood vessels, lung and skin. 

So how does "heat" build up in these systems? Heat can be looked at in a couple of ways - the first being the build up of inflammation. Remember - inflammation isn't your enemy, its your friend. Inflammation is the bodies RESPONSE to removing something that should not be there like a toxin for example. We can also look at heat as an over manifestation of energy - simply put the body is working harder than usual to do its job and the energy is getting stuck rather than flowing. Either way - were looking at an imbalance that needs to be corrected in these two systems (Fire & Metal/Air). 

Natural Protocols for Perioral Dermatitis
Healing this skin condition will be a process consisting of the following steps over a MINIMUM of 90 days to reduce the symptoms with another several months on a maintenance protocol. 
  • Analyze the body for glyphosate, herbicides/pesticides, GMO's, infections (viral, bacterial), parasites, fungus/mold, toxic burden and heavy metals (this can be determined via a Zyto Scan and/or muscle testing).
  • Cleanse/detox the skin and internal organs.
  • Using "cooling" herbal blends from both Chinese and Western herbology, targeted at the specific body systems.  
  • Remove inflammatory foods from the diet (these can be determined via a Zyto food scan).
  • Reset the gut (this is a very particular protocol that takes place over the first 90 days).
  • Reduce inflammation and itching with histamine-reducing herbs.
  • Build the skins barrier function with a specific blend of vitamins and minerals.
  • Topical skincare that protects the skin without irritation or chemicals while its healing. NEVER use a steriod cream on this condition!  
Healing will of course vary from person to person and will require monthly check ups to keep you on track but with the right protocol you may see a reduction in symptoms within the first 30 days (*this is not a medical claim). Whether you choose to work with us here at DMD Clinical Naturopahty or another practitioner, be sure that they understand the root cause of this condition before allowing them to help you. As naturopaths we all have our strengths and weaknesses so be sure and find someone who fits your particular needs. 
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