Natural Immune Response protocol for when traveling and during flu seasons / pandemics

Natural medicine for viral infections

By Diana Dannelly - March 4, 2020

If at all possible, do not travel by plane right now - even domestically. For those that do have to travel or simply in preparation for the  Corona virus becoming an issue in your area, there are some great things you can do to help guard yourself from risk of infection. 

1) Colloidal Silver nasal spray & drops - this will line the nasal passages and create an unfriendly environment to pathogens including viruses. If you have to fly, you will want to follow the instructions on the bottle for the emergency dose which is typically 5 sprays per nostril, 7 times per day. If you have to travel - you will want to start this regimen 72 hours prior to flying and continue it 72 hours after you return home. The protocol should not exceed 14 days.

2) Colloidal Silver oral drops - taking the silver internally will also help your body to fight any contact with a viral pathogen. Follow the instructions on the bottle for emergency dose. 

3) Food Grade Vitamin C - as most know this raises our immune system. Begin a therapeutic dose which will be 3x what the label calls for, 72 hours prior to traveling through 72 hours after returning home. Why food grade and how do you know if it is? Be careful because even some supplements marked as "organic" still have synthetic USP vitamins - synthetic vitamin C is called "Ascorbic Acid" on the label and is isolated from GMO corn. You will want the bottle to say that it is food-derived, organic, and typically the instructions will say that you can take it with or without food. Any vitamin that has to be taken WITH food is probably synthetic and should be avoided.

4) Mushroom Blends: Immunity mushroom blends will be a fine brown powder that can be added to hot water and consumed as a drink. They're often begin used now as coffee replacements. You can also get mushroom blends in a capsulated formula. These can be taken on an ongoing basis and will build and strengthen the immune system over time. 

5)  Elderberry - known for its anti-viral effect can be taken in a capsule, as a childrens gummy or even as a syrup typically used for coughs. This herb is safe for use over several months at a time for example you can put you kids on this herb all winter long. If you go for the syrup, make sure it is not full of sugar and is organic. 

6) Avoid sugar - sugar compromises the immune system because of its impact on the digestive tract where 80% of our immune system lives. If you want to be serious about avoiding getting sick year-round, your diet should consist mostly of organic, raw fruits and vegetables. 

7) Do not consume alcohol - it drops the immune system and changes the enzyme activity in the liver. Instead consume fresh, filtered or spring water out of non-plastic bottles, fresh pressed juices etc. 

8) Avoid coffee and caffeine - caffeine is an addictive drug that creates dependence and causes dehydration. Your body must maintain proper hydration balance to stay healthy. 

9) Take pre & pro-biotics. Because the immune system is primarily in the gut, keeping the healthy bacteria thriving is essential. 

Anyone at any age and living anywhere can take advantage of these tips to keep your immune system at it's best! If you are not sure what products to buy, please contact me and I will send you a FREE link to an online cart to view and purchase any or all of the above remedies. Please email me: to request the product link and be sure to include your full name and phone number. 
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