Cardiovascular Disease Prevention with Natural Medicine

It takes more than just diet and exercise to avoid heart disease

Does your cardiovascular health plan include these important cornerstones?    
  • Testing for the two main inflammatory factors: C-Reactive Protein & Homocysteine levels and keeping them in range.
  • Reducing inflammation in the blood vessels and maintaining elasticity of the vessel walls.
  • Using plant medicine and organic supplements to support the cardiovascular system.
  • Support the liver and gallbladder.
  • Increase Nitric-Oxide levels in the body to ensure proper oxygenation on a cellular level.
  • Keeping cholesterol in range and properly balanced ratios of HDL to LDL.
  • Understanding a heart healthy diet comprised of primarily fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and the avoidance of sugar, starches, inflammatory fats and alcohol. 
   Its time to start looking at cardiovascular disease "prevention" as more than just exercising and eating right. If you visit "Heart Health" websites (like the American Heart Association) you will find a plethora of information including exercise tips, eating a heart healthy diet and advice about the avoidance of smoking. Yet, the numbers of cardiovascular events are staggering and growing along with the number of Americans' who resort to pharmaceutical drugs for help with this disease. Cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death in the Western Civilization.        
     According to the American College of Cardiology, approximately every 40 seconds, an American will have a myocardial infarction. The American Heart Association claims that at least 48 percent of U.S.. adults have some form of cardiovascular disease, based on the latest statistics provided by the American Heart Association. 28% of the American Population takes a stain drug (to lower cholesterol) according to NBC Health. Statins also reduced the overall risk of death by coronary heart disease by 28 per cent, and reduced the risk of death by other cardiovascular disease by 25 per cent among those with very high LDL cholesterol. 
      Perhaps the information pushed by the media about this disease is outdated to say the least. For example, most people believe that high cholesterol causes heart disease and that if you lower your cholesterol level you lower your chance of dying from it... this is what we have all come to understand about heart disease. However, more recent research shows that chronic inflammation (not cholesterol) is the actual cause of heart disease and that it is more dangerous to have too low of cholesterol than too high.
     The general consensus about "fat" is that we need to eat a "low fat diet" to prevent heart disease. The narrative should be teaching about eating a diet high in healthy fats vs saturated fats, AKA "inflammatory fats" like vegetable oils and animal fat . Healthy fats, like Omega 3's found in olive oil actually protect your heart. Omega 3's are found in fish but in order to get what you need you would need, consuming fish on a daily basis would be required. Additionally, due to the heavily polluted oceans, fish are now highly toxic in heavy metals and plastics. The alternative, farmed fish, may also have drawbacks. Yet cardiovascular wellness websites are still pushing the narrative that eating fish is healthy.
     If you live in Denver Colorado or surrounding areas like the Denver Tech Center, Lone Tree, Centennial, Aurora and Littleton and are seeking holistic solutions for lowering cholesterol and reversing heart disease, click to schedule a FREE consultation about your heart health. Whether you have suffered from a heart attack or cardiovascular event or are just looking to balance blood pressure or lower cholesterol, we can help. You have natural medical options for managing this disease and its symptoms rather than resorting to prescription statin drugs. Your customized natural medicine plan for cardiovascular disease will include evaluating blood pressure,  cholesterol, inflammatory markers (C-Reactive Protein & Homocysteine), Nitric-Oxide levels, supporting the liver and gallbladder, and incorporating a balanced diet and exercise plan. 


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