Alternative Medicine for High Blood Pressure

What are the root causes of high blood pressure and how can this be better managed using supplements instead of drugs?

By Diana Drake - March 27, 2024

Can high blood pressure be balanced naturally?

The key to imbalance in the body is to locate the root cause. The lack of the concern or discovery process of root causality in Western medicine along with profits for big pharma is the reason that blood pressure medication is the largest way this dis-ease is currently managed. However, when we look at the body we can identify only two true causes of disease. The first being too much of something the body doesn’t need – such as toxins – and the second being not enough of something it needs – as in having a specific deficiency in a particular nutrient. It may not come as a surprise to hear that a deficiency in blood pressure drugs is NOT the root cause of high blood pressure. Therefore high blood pressure drugs only manage the symptom and do not resolve the root cause, leaving that imbalance continuing to go unchecked in the body for years. Then, eventually, when a cardiovascular event happens such as a stroke or heart attack, the patient is simply categorized as being pre-disposed and high risk due to previously having blood pressure. 

Let’s rewind. Instead of ending up a statistic why don’t we examine the potential root causes of blood pressure imbalance. Keeping in mind that individuals may not have ALL of these,  working with a natural practitioner may help to find which of these apply to you so that you can balance this issue using natural therapies like herbs and nutritional supplements.
  1. Blood Coagulation
Thanks to the recent COVID vaccine, the concept of blood clotting due to the coagulation of the platelets has become more of a common household discussion. Blood coagulation simply means that the platelets are “stuck together” and “cluster”.  This affects the blood thickness. The thicker the blood, the harder it is to pump through the body. There are several issues with this that negatively impacts physiology.

When the blood is coagulated, it no longer properly delivers oxygen to all of the tissues. The human body not only has large veins, arteries and smaller blood vessels but also microscopic capillaries that deliver oxygen to tissue. These capillaries are so small that only single blood cells can access them traveling in a row. This simply cannot happen if the blood is coagulated. Therefore, the heart may begin to “push” harder in order to “pump” the blood everywhere that it needs to go. Just in case you have forgotten how important oxygen is - we cannot live without it for more than several minutes without permanent damage or death. Imagine what years and years of oxygen-starved tissue is doing in the body.  Oxygen starved tissue will not be functioning properly, it will not be alkalized and a potential side effect of this is the feeling of pins and needles or numb tissue... neuropathy anyone? 
  1. Hardening of the arteries
An unfortunate result of years of a bad diet particularly rich in animal fat from meat, dairy and eggs. When the arteries are less “flexible” and begin to solidify with plaque cholesterol, the heart may compensate by pumping harder to try and get the blood through the system.
  1. Magnesium deficiency
Seemingly simple but MOST Americans are magnesium deficient. Even people who take magnesium supplements! This is because the body needs ALL 8 forms of magnesium and people typically only take one or two forms and are underdosing. Magnesium allows tissues to relax. If muscles and tissues are tense in the body, the blood vessels also cannot be “relaxed”. Again, another reason for the heart to try and compensate.
  1. Stress
We all hear that stress causes disease but let’s examine exactly how. When your body goes into fight or flight – seeing a bear – several things are going to happen physiologically.
  • Your muscles will tense up 
  • You will secrete cortisol and adrenaline into the blood stream (stress hormones so that you can “escape” or “fight”)
  • Your blood pressure will go up!!!
  • Panic – which is an extreme form of anxiety - will set in 
We may not see a bear everyday, but the stresses of daily life have us STUCK in fight or flight. So physiologically, your body’s manifestation of this may be a major cause of your blood pressure numbers being too high.

Having understood the potential root causes, can you tell if a blood pressure drug is going to address these issues? Obviously…not.

Working with a natural practitioner to address oxygenation, blood coagulation, blood thickness, stress and deficiencies may be something that interests you more than taking a drug. If this is you, please reach out to DMD Natural Medicine for a Complimentary Consultation.  

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