Is there a cure for the Common Cold and Flu?

By Diana Drake - January 9, 2024

Consideration of terrain vs germ theory
This information is for education purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease.

For years, researchers have struggled to find the answer to the common cold. Yet, in spite of the thousands of hours of research and the millions of dollars which have been put into this project, science has NOT discovered a cure for this common ailment.


Given this obvious information, it is silly to think that a “cure” or “vaccine” could stop or prevent any sort of “new” coronaviruses. But what have they never considered? Perhaps it is that getting sick actually is the cure and not the disease.

Our bodies are full of bacteria and some viruses at any given time, and our bodies will increase the load of either or both to deal with whatever toxic burden has invaded. When a group of people are sick, rather than assuming that everyone is making each other unwell, we need to look at environmental exposures and consider that a group of people have been exposed to something simultaneously.

The “germ theory” really has no proof or basis. Yet, it is the foundation on which the entire western medical system has built it’s temple. If germ theory were accurate, then why don’t people don’t get sick with multiple infections simultaneously year after year?

For example, have you ever heard of someone having strep throat, the flu and phenomena at the same time? If we were really passing germs around – people would be constantly sick with various “pathogenic” infections. But what we see instead is disease processes set in and evolve, as Florence Nightengale observed and reported in her work.

The foundation of Western Medicine is “Germ Theory” – the idea that we pass pathogens that began in an animal then from person to person is what makes use sick. But if viruses don’t exist in nature then how did the first animal get a virus to spread around in the first place Terrain Theory on the other hand, recognizes that the body is a self-correcting system that will produce or reduce certain viruses and bacteria depending on the wellness of the terrain (bodies system, tissues, pH, toxic burden, nutrition etc).

Germ theory requires that we take absolutely no accountability for our own health and that we
simply blame getting sick on someone giving it to us. It also sets the premise that to prevent disease we need drugs, vaccines and to use toxic chemicals to “kill” germs on surfaces in the home and on our hands. But here we are in modern society with more drugs, vaccines, hand sanitizer and more “germ killing” home cleaning products and yet…people are still getting sick. In fact, we are sicker than ever.

“Pathogens” have not been proven to be contagious. Bacteria and even parasites are there to help you. The body is a divine creation and does not make mistakes like western medicine would have us believe. If we give our bodies the proper tools to function, we can restore health or what is called “homeostasis”.

All over-the-counter medicines people use to treat colds and flu are all aimed at only one thing – relief of symptoms. They suppress coughs, dry up runny noses and reduce fevers. Not only does this not speed recovery, but it interferes with it instead.

Doctors sometimes prescribe antibiotics for colds , but they usually don’t do any good either. Antibiotics kill ALL bacteria and end up weakening the immune system. Bacteria and viruses are actually the RESULT of a poor terrain – not the cause of the illness.

Bacteria are eaters, so they will come to a site if there are debris/toxins that need to be removed. Viruses are chemical solvents that the body produces in RESPONSE to toxins.


What about Flu shots?

A strategy modern medicine employs with other viral disorders, such as mumps, measles and the chicken pox, is to create vaccines. Vaccines introduce diseased animal tissue that have been made sick in a lab – typically due to the injection of toxins to the animal – to make the animal produce a viral response/condition.

The vaccine companies claim that they are introducing “weakened viruses” into the body that are supposed to work by stimulating the adaptive immune system to produce antibodies against them. This would make the immune system react more quickly to the virus when a person is exposed.

The claim about the flu vaccine is that it only covers certain strains – so if you still catch a flu that season, it is simply because you have been exposed to a different strain.

The alternative perspective would be that there will NEVER be a shot that can prevent a cold or flu because getting sick IS the cure. When our bodies get sick, we are actually going into an emergency detox. We get rid of lung cells, mucous, and expel toxins via coughing, diarrhea, sweating (fever) and through the nose. We also rid toxins in the blood and lymphatics via the lymph channels and lymph nodes which is why we experience swelling at the nodule sites.

It is common for the body to force a detox right before winter – to get rid of toxins before the body goes into storage mode – especially in cold climates. Additionally, getting sick after coming out of storage mode (spring) is common especially for those who do not properly detox throughout the year. This may account for what we call “flu season”.

But people who are healthy and detox regularly (running an intentional detox protocol), may never have to suffer with getting sick. Those who get sick once a year or more maybe critically toxic and may benefit from implementing a better diet and twice yearly detoxing.

Receiving a flu shot only gives you a jab of poison right into your blood stream. Those who get the flu after the flu shot are simply having an instant detox response to the poisonous shot they have just received.

All vaccines are toxic and poisonous. That is why they have the potential to injure people. They contain mercury or aluminum and other toxic substances that actually weaken your immune system. Your immune system (microbiome and lymphatics) is there to tell non-self from self. Poisons are non-self. Viruses and bacteria that area already part of the native terrain are technically self also and therefore not something that the immune system would fight or react to. Instead, think of “pathogens” as tools that our immune system uses to help us.

So if we want to get sick less often or ward off a cold/flu – we need to HELP the body detox rather than suppress the cold symptoms. When we suppress the symptom and STOP the body from being able to release the toxins, we will just get sick again so the body can finish what it started.


What is causing the Symptoms?

Fever is used to burn or incinerate the toxins from the body and expel them via sweat. Fevers are completely safe even up to 105 degrees. Fever reducing medicine will simply stop the body from being able to expel the toxins. Historically, when someone died of a fever it was thought that the fever itself was overheating and damaging the body.

Remember, the body does not make mistakes. Consider that in an extremely toxic scenario, the toxins cannot get out fast enough and literally poison the person to death. In the case that a fever does get high to the point that you are worried, the herb White Willow is a beautiful, natural fever reducer.

Headaches and pain are symptoms of inflammation, which is closely related to fever. Inflammation signals the immune system that there is a problem and activates various white blood cells. While analgesics may help deal with the pain – they are not tackling the root cause of the inflammation (whatever non-self the body has been exposed to).

Mucus drainage, in the form of runny nose, sinus congestion and coughing is also generated by the immune system. The skin and the mucus membranes are the first line of defense and are the home of the innate immune system. The body uses mucus to flush irritating substances out of the body. The sooner the irritants are expelled, the sooner you will get well. So, instead of trying to inhibit these flushing mechanisms with suppressants and antihistamines, the best thing to do is actually HELP the body and encourage the removal/drainage.

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea are also associated with the body wanting to flush toxins and expel irritating substances from the digestive tract. These symptoms are more problematic than mucus drainage simply because they cause rapid loss of bodily fluids and electrolytes. These fluids and electrolytes must be replaced, of course, but again – seeking to suppress these efforts of the body will not speed up recovery.


Working with, not against symptoms

If symptoms are being generated by the immune system, it makes more sense to work with the immune system rather than against it. Experience has shown that helping the body flush the irritants while naturally boosting the immune response can dramatically shorten the duration of colds and flu. In fact, they can often be balanced in less than 24 hours – especially if you use the listed techniques at the first sign of getting sick. Based on the concept of working with the body, here are the tools to rapid recovery from colds and the flu.


So what is the answer?

What actually helps to prevent and treat cold and flu as well as support a health terrain? Helping the body to flush irritants (this is what we call “boosting the immune system”).


First: Stop Eating

Many people have the erroneous idea that you need to eat to keep up your strength while you’re acutely ill. This is completely contrary to the natural instincts of both children and animals when they are sick.
Eating solid food – especially refined sugar, refined grains, dairy products and heavy proteins, diverts body energies away from flushing the dis-ease from the body.

The widely misunderstood statement of Hippocrates “Feed a cold, starve a fever” actually means, “If you feed a cold, you will have to starve a fever”. If you need nourishment while you’re sick, fresh fruit and fresh pressed veggie juices or organic soup or bone broth with turmeric are great things to snack and sip on to speed recovery.

Why? If the body is bogged down by heavy digestive function, this takes a LOT of energy that needs to be diverted to the digestive system instead of detoxing (immune system).


Second: Rest and Drink Fluids


The old adage “rest in bed and drink plenty of fluids” is actually very good advice. While the body doesn’t need solid food when it’s ill, it absolutely needs fluids. Why? To help lift and flush toxins.

Dehydration can lead to prolonging the sickness. Water is needed to support the mucus drainage, sweating and other eliminative functions. Herbal teas, especially those containing aromatic herbs like peppermint, chamomile and ginger, can be helpful. If you have trouble drinking plain water, you can add a little lemon juice for flavor.

Also, only PURE water should be consumed, no tap water. Adding mineral salts is also ideal such as ½ teaspoon per day of Celtic sea salt. It is important to understand that stress reduces immune (detox) response while rest and relaxation enhances them. You are most susceptible to becoming sick when you’re immune (detox) system is bogged down due to stress because you are not properly eliminating toxins. So instead of taking symptom suppressing medications in order to continue to work and “push yourself”.

TAKE A BREAK and let your immune system do it’s work.


Third: Open the Eliminative Channels


The Chinese have a concept in their system of medicine called the we qi (pronounced way chee). This is an energy system (much like a protective energy shield) that protects the body from disease. We refer to this in the west as the bodies BioField. This energy pushes outward on the surfaces of the mucus membranes lining the lungs, digestive tract and skin.

Herbs with a pungent taste, such as capsicum, horseradish and ginger, help to generate this qi energy. Think about what happens when you eat spicy foods; perspiration, runny nose, watery eyes and mucus clears from your throat.

Eating enough of these spicy foods and you will encourage evacuation of your bowels. In short, these pungent herbs activate the energy that helps the body discharge whatever is irritating it. These spices are your best friend when you have a cold and can easily be added to broths, soups, teas and juices.


Four: Open the Sweat Glands


Perhaps you’ve heard the idea of “sweating out” a cold? Well, it really works! The skin is after all, the bodies largest elimination organ and remember – getting sick is a process of eliminating toxins.

Natural medicine treats fever and diseases by opening and closing the “vents” of the body; the sweat glands, pores and capillaries. In this sense, we do not attempt to “kill” micro-organisms nor do we recognize that they are bad per say. Instead we change the environment which they live in, remove toxins and debris and restore any cellular deficiencies.

When this happens, and there are no more debris, toxins or dead tissue to consume and the microflora will restore to normal. “Killing bacteria” does NOT take care of the root cause – that is why infection will often return time and time again when antibiotics are used.

The bacteria come to eat – they’re eaters not fighters. They come to aid us in trash removal. Don’t let the trash build up and neither will they. If the trash does build up, help the body take out the trash and again there will be no need for “infection”. Most native cultures used some sort of steam or sauna regimen. If you have access to one while sick, this is your best friend. If you don’t, you can use an herbal sweat bath instead.

Herbal Sweat Bath Protocol:

In your bath, make the water as hot as you can safely stand. Add essential oils of: lemon, lavender, rosemary, thyme and chamomile WITH 2 cups of Epsom salt. Soak for 15-20 Minutes. Once done, get in bed under lots of blankets.


Last step, cleanse the colon.

Encouraging colon detoxing can be incredibly helpful for rapid recovery from flu and cold. Clearing this pathway can also ease respiratory congestion, earaches, headaches, mild aches and pains.

The fastest way to do this is at home with an enema. If you don’t have the means to do this you can take 1-2 capsules of cascara sagrada or drink “Smooth Move” tea. Lobelia extract (about 15 drops) can be taken in addition to the herbs. Be sure to drink plenty of water when cleansing the colon.

To be clear, the cleanse should not cause diarrhea but instead increase and encourage elimination and volume. If you are ALREADY experiencing diarrhea – then your body is already flushing the colon on it’s own and it’s actually good to help the body firm up the stool to increase recovery time.

Activated charcoal and probiotics are great if diarrhea is occurring. You can take 1-2 capsules every hour of both until the diarrhea subsides or you reach the “max dose” on the bottle you’re using.


Prevention is Best

Obviously, it’s better to stay healthy in the first place than to have to correct the body once ill.

There are 3 keys to sick prevention:
  1. Detoxing
  2. Diet
  3. Supplementation

1. Detoxing:

Don’t wait, initiate. Run a full body detox every fall (before “flu season”) and every spring once winter comes to a close. Many herbal companies offer full body detox kits. Be sure you have MUTIPLE formulas – that address Liver, Kidney, Blood, Lymphatics and Colon. If you are not sure, get a recommendation from a local naturopath or wellness practitioner. It is also a good idea to run a parasite cleanse during this time as well.

2. Diet:

Aim for a diet of 70-80% ORGANIC plant bases (fruits, veggies, beans, legumes) and the other 20-30% can be other things you want such as animal products, processed grains, sugar etc.

The point is to have a plant BASED diet – so most of the things going in are alkalizing and healthy. Fermented foods are another great way to keep the gut balanced. Thinks like kimchee, Kiefer, sauerkraut and kombucha are great. Some specialty fermenters are even doing things like fermented apple sauce, veggies and coconut Kiefer. Remember there is a difference between fermented and pickled.

3. Supplement:

We’ve always been told that Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D and C are good to take when we’re sick and for general immune (lymphatic/detox) health but do you understand why? It is because these specific nutrients are vital to the cellular detoxification process among other functions. Instead of waiting until you’re sick – take them year around and make sure you’re getting enough! 10,000 IU’s of D, 30mg of Zinc and a MINIMUM of 6,000mg of vitamin C daily.

Take in divided doses, with meals Apple pectin is also an incredible supplement to consider taking year round. It binds to metals, toxins, and helps the body deal with radiation. If you live in a cold, dry climate or suffer from asthma, you may also want to take a Chinese formula for lung support. Some great oils to diffuse in the home include Cinnamon & Pine, Frankincense & Myrrh and Thyme, Oregano and Eucalyptus.

And remember that the seat of your immune system is in the gut (so they can deploy bacteria to eat!) so taking a spore-form probiotic is a must in today’s world.
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