Natural Eczema Relief Program

Get NATURAL help to relive inflammatory Eczema

By Diana Dannelly - December 17, 2019

Holistic & Natural Relief for Eczema
Seek relief for this chronic condition with a skin healing wellness plan through DMD Clinical Naturopathy. Focused on Holistic Dermatology, this plan creates a way for Colorado residents to have accessible and reliable care for inflammatory skin conditions. The plan includes one visit per month with Diana M Dannelly, Board Certified Naturopath. There is a minimum commitment of 6 months, in order for you to stay on track with the program and see results. 

What is Eczema?
Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition that involves an itchy rash, redness and flaking at the surface. Inflammatory diseases happen when damaged cells release histamine and bradykinin into surrounding fluids, causing capillary pores to dilate. Once this dilation occurs, fluid and protein enter the tissue spaces leading to redness, itching and inflammation. This cycle repeats causing the epidermis to thicken as cells multiply rapidly, creating a scaly effect on the surface of the skin. 

What are the causes of Eczema?
Eczema is caused by hypersensitivity to certain irritants and is therefore closely related to allergic asthma, hayfever and food allergies. The presence of these irritants overburden the immune system with toxins - meaning the body is dealing with more irritants than it can effectively handle. The skin is an elimination organ, and the body tries to eliminate the toxins through this channel.

Children and babies are especially prone to eczema because their immune systems are still developing. About 30% of new born babies may develop this condition and 1/8 children. How are the toxins coming into the newborns? Through the mothers umbilical tube during pregnancy and then through the breast milk during feeding. Whatever the mother drinks and eats - so does the child - and our food and water supply are riddled with toxins, hormones, antibiotics, glyphosate, pesticides and HUNDREDS of toxic contaminants. Umbilical cord blood that is currently being measured averages 300+ toxins.  

Adults of course also suffer from this condition and are in fact more likely to struggle with eczema as an adult if they had it as a child. 

What are traditional Western treatments for Eczema?
Topical creams are traditionally used to get the itching and redness to recede from the surface. There are newer prescription drugs that claim to treat this condition which have many side effects - meaning they create more problems. Both of these treatments are designed to reduce the symptom, not address the problem or heal the root issue. These visits to the dermatologist and prescriptions are typically covered by insurance. 

Why Holistic / Natural?

When you work naturally with the body, you are locating the cause and dealing directly with the issue - therefore eliminating the symptom without the use of prescription drugs or creams. This is a longer process that takes time and patience. Additionally, these are out of pocket services and natural medicines that are not covered by insurance. 

What does the natural clinical program include?
Our wellness program covers your monthly visits/check ups. This is a very low out of pocket cost similar to the price of most co-pays. During your visit a customized protocol will be designed to include the following:

1) Herbal Medicine 
2) Nutritional Supplements
3) Topical Skincare Products
4) Identifying and eliminating food sensitivities

How long does the program take?

It is important to remember that every body and response time is different. There is a 6 month minimum commitment - some may see relief before that window and others may take longer. Commitment, patience and communication are very important during this process - especially with the diet which is why a free online food and mood journal is available. 

Who can access this service / program?
Natural / Holistic Eczema relief program available to Colorado residents including Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Denver Tech Center, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Centennial and Castle Rock. The clinic is located in Lone Tree area close to Park Meadows Mall, many clients come from all over the state for this program. 
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