Why am I Having trouble conceiving?

By Diana Drake - December 28, 2022

Women who struggle with conceiving, carrying to term or who have not had success with IVF may benefit from naturopathic hormone rejuvenation therapy.

There are many hormonal imbalances that may be preventing a natural pregnancy that leads to birth. Unfortunately, western medicine does not seek to find the root cause of these issues but rather tries to force the body into fertility or harvesting eggs by the use of synthetic hormones that are not native to the body. This is both costly, hard on a woman’s body and does not always lead to pregnancy and carrying to full term with birth.

The natural perspective on infertility is to first recognize that there is a REASON that your hormones are off balance. This can be toxic overburden that has thrown off the endocrine system, PCOS, over exposure to EMF radiation and/or a physiological impedance such as a prolapsed uterus. If the female anatomy is found to be “healthy” and it is just a hormonal issue, there is a natural way that you can engage with your body to support native hormone production that may lead to conception.

When we look at homeopathic hormone rejuvenation therapy in place of IVF and other HRT options there are a couple of things to understand. First, we have to “un-do” what has been previously done with unsuccessful IVF or HRT. This means that all of the synthetic hormones need to be detoxed, along with all of the body systems so that we can have a clean slate to work with.

Potential root causes of hormonal imbalanced need to be assessed as well as an in depth look at where hormones currently are. These things take time and patience. Everyone always wants to know “how long does it take” but there is no canned answer for this. The process will be to heavily detox the body, remove the root cause, and use remedies to nurse the endocrine system back into balance. During this process, hormones may be monitored as often as every 30-90 days.

What are two things you should avoid if you are struggling with infertility?

Whether you choose to do our natural hormone rejuvenation to conceive or not, there are two things that I suggest ALL women avoid if you are trying to get pregnant.

1. Caffeine and alcohol.

Since the liver is the processing plant for hormones, it is extremely important that no extra burden is placed on the liver while trying to conceive. ZERO alcohol should be consumed by a woman who is struggling with infertility, period. In addition to dehydrating you, alcohol raises liver enzymes, drops the immune system, kills brain cells and is a known carcinogen. It is literally poison.

Caffeine, being a drug that effects the adrenals and cortisol along with the cardiovascular system, is dehydrating and extremely acidic on the Ph scale, should be avoided fully. When we work on trouble conceiving we will take a truly holistic approach to your body and case. This will include hormone balancing, root cause investigation, diet and lifestyle changes to put you and your future fetus in the most well state possible to reach a full-term pregnancy with birth. 

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